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"I find it difficult to think of how I was when I started with Clea. I could barely go out, I was finding life very difficult and struggled with day to day functioning, but once my counselling started, it didn’t take long for that to change, and that was the first massive step. Clea helped me to realise that my problems were just as important as anyone else’s. I felt guilty that I was ‘broken’ and many other people had more horrible situations to deal with. I felt guilty at taking her time, ashamed that I wasn’t able to handle those things, that I saw as trivial compared to many others, on my own. Clea put me at ease really quickly and helped me to understand that my problems weren’t trivial for me and that I was allowed to feel bad, helpless, sad, scared, and overwhelmed by them. Since starting counselling about a year ago, I’ve got myself a promotion at work, more respect from my colleagues, I have a better relationship with my family, and friends, I have more self-esteem, more confidence and I see life with less fear. Those are all massive steps for me. I was in a fog, and in recent months, that fog has started to lift with more speed, I feel like I can see things more clearly, with more clarity, with more colour, more vibrancy. That’s down to the work I’ve been doing. I can’t say that Clea has done that for me, because she has helped ME to do it. And that means that I am the one who is changing and doing the work and making the difference. The progress I have made cannot be undone, because the change is in me. but I couldn’t have done that without Clea, or realised that that was the case! You have to do the work, to make the change, to want to be better, but Clea will make it easier for you, without question."

G.A. - 22nd Nov 2012

"I have been attending counselling sessions with Clea for the last 10 months. During that time she has helped me to understand my fears and anxieties and to move forward with my life with a much more positive attitude. I find Clea very easy to talk with and she definitely has a lot of patience and understanding. Having built up my self- esteem and personal confidence it would be fair to say that my life is now far more balanced and I find myself able to deal with issues that I was once too afraid to face. This has helped me in both my personal and professional life and the discussions that we have had, have enabled me to understand myself so much better and make me realise the reasons why I think and behave as I do. I am so relieved that I decided to attend these sessions with Clea as without her help and encouragement my life would still be blighted by my anxieties and fears."

R.D. - 22nd Nov 2012

"Working with Clea has been extremely helpful to me. She provides a relaxing and supportive experience that encourages mutual trust and understanding, which I feel is vital for counselling work. With her help, I have understood what I am going through and she has helped me make sense of my feelings. I would highly recommend her."

H.G. - 22nd Nov 2012

"I found working with Clea to be a rewarding experience, helping me put my fears into perspective and getting my thought processes under control. I found the whole experience to be rewarding and positive, with a strong sense of empathy. Clea has a welcoming and relaxing working environment that helps you open up and confront the cause of your issues, without ever making you feel exposed or vulnerable. I found the whole experience delivered fairly rapid results that have helped me move on from the traumas of the past. "

L.T. - 21st Sep 2013

"Thank you for all your brilliant help over the past year or so. You've helped me tremendously & got me back on track."

S.G. - 16th Jan 2014

"These sessions have been extremely helpful. When my line manager suggested counselling I was uneasy and worried about clamming up. However I feel that I have opened up emotionally and the sessions have helped me to deal with issues in a calmer, positive manner. "

S.K. - 16th April 2014 - 17th Apr 2014

"just a few short months ago I felt full of dread and fear of what was to come in my future, but Clea's help I now understand my problems and am looking forward to the future a much stronger person than I had become. Thank you Clea, Not sure where I would be now without your help "

Liv - 26th Apr 2014

"I started seeing clea just over a year ago. I had always hidden away from life. Didnt have any confidence to do anything. I never left the norm of work and home. I had a life but I wasnt living. Talking to clea has given me hope, confidence and more importantly my life. I am now starting to enjoy my life. Anybody who feels they need to talk to someone who will offer you support, in a professional manner and a friendly environment who also like me needs to start living your life clea will be there for you. Thank you clea so much."

L.C june 2014 - 19th Jun 2014

"I suffered a Nervous Breakdown earlier in the year and my doctor as well as prescription drugs, wanted me to seek Counselling as I was in a bad place and having some dark thoughts. I chose Clea myself after some research and am so glad I did as she helped me overcome a lot of issues that I was facing and encouraged me to move forward positively rather than dwell on things that had happened to me that caused my problems. I have now stopped seeing Clea but know that if I should slip backwards she is there. I would also add that I think of myself as a strong person and never thought I would need any sort of Counselling but things can happen to the strongest and there is no shame in seeking help."

A.R. July 20 2014 - 20th Jul 2014

"Fantastic, available service and gratefully received. Many thanks."

W.C. June 2014 - 21st Jul 2014

"Thank you so much for all the sessions, they've really helped me to cope with all the manic situations and I can now identify when I'm going to have an anxiety attack so I can calm myself down."

L A October 2014 - 21st Oct 2014

"Thank you so much for your ongoing support this year, you've helped me transform my whole life and I'm so grateful for that."

D A - 20th Jan 2015

"It was about a year ago when the pressures of being a strong support for my family, the financial strains of coping with reduced income, whilst recognising that our new home in Dorset needed significant investment, all came together driving me into a feeling of deep despair. I am in my mid Sixties and have always been a capable and supportive wife and mother whilst also caring for my own mother until she passed away. My new life in Dorset was entered into with excitement and anticipation but this rapidly turned to despair as the pressures came in from all sides. My husband recognised that my despair and depression could become dangerous and he was unable to help lift me out of my dark condition. He found Clea for me and I allowed him to make the initial introduction. Clea saved me. She gave my husband back the woman he fell in love with and enabled me to have my dreams and aspirations again. I will always be grateful for the care and understanding she provided. The mentoring, analysis and alternative thought processes that became the foundation for understanding myself better, and the return of my trust in myself which had been lost. Life always has challenges. Clea has helped me to once again enjoy all facets of our life and to live with optimism and aspiration. She is my friend."

PB - 3rd Feb 2015

"Just wanted to email you to say thank you for all of your help over the past few months. If it hadn't been for our sessions I would still be in such a downward spiral. I always left feeling so much more positive and I really feel like I'm making huge progress and it's just going to continue! "

N G - 14th May 2015

"Clea has been exceptional and empathetic in approach. Very confident to share my feelings with her."

W R - 14th May 2015

"Before I began working with Clea, I felt as though I had hit rock bottom and had nowhere else to turn. I had become a victim of my own circumstances, and with Clea's help I was able to realize that actually, it wasn't me that was the problem, but the things going on around me and that I had the power to walk away at any time. I have come a long way since our first meeting and still have a long way to go, but without Clea, I wouldn't even have been able to take the first steps. Thank you so much for everything."

BB - 16th Nov 2015

"I suggest if you are reading this then there is something in your life that is causing you concern. The most difficult thing for me was making that initial phone call. It took me two days. Make that call. It's a whole lot easier than you think. It's cozy and relaxed and talking to Clea is so easy. For me things quickly fell in to place. Following a nervous breakdown at work my confidence had gone. Clea never says what is right or wrong, she doesn't judge. Over a period of a few weeks the reasons for the breakdown became apparent and the warning signs identified. I am now confident that I can return to work again. I have a 'toolkit' of actions I can take to prevent a reoccurrence. Make that call, it was the best thing I have done for a long long time."

AB - 21st Jan 2016

"Clea has been absolutely brilliant. When I first sought help from her, I was struggling with ME and a huge back-log of grief and depression. I don't think I realised quite what I was dealing with, or how far I still had to fall. Clea has helped me to gradually come to terms with my illness and then begin to make a recovery. In working with all of my problems she has been wonderfully sensitive and kind, and I looked forward to my sessions with her, despite the tears. Each one was emotionally cathartic and also extremely helpful. The delicate way she helped me deal with my grief meant that I hardly noticed that it was happening, and my return to health is now proving surprisingly quick. I would recommend her to anybody and everybody. She has helped me to look towards the future with positivity - which just a few months ago I would not have believed possible. She has helped me recover both physically and mentally, which again, at one stage, I would have found hard to believe possible. She's incredibly kind and sensitive, and best of all she has a wonderful sense of humour. I now feel equipped to deal with the future, and with a much more healthy attitude towards life than before. I can't thank her enough."

HN - 23rd Jan 2016