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My approach

Counsellors work in a variety of ways. I work with an integrative approach. This means we will work together to find a way of working which is best suited to you and I will be placing you and your concerns at the centre of our work. We will establish a mutually agreed time to meet in a safe environment free from judgement or intrusion. Our aim is to build a working relationship which offers you the chance to reflect on and explore the cause of your difficulties including any reactions, thoughts, feelings or whatever seems most helpful as our sessions get underway.

We will work together to make sense of any underlying influences which you may not have had the opportunity to think through or speak about before. These may be caused by present patterns, past experiences or from childhood.

Counselling can help with feelings of sadness, anger or pain and can allow someone to be able to look forward more confidently, create the means to change or simply look at things in a different way.

What can you expect from your sessions with me?

  • I would work once a week or fortnightly with you and each session lasts from 50 minutes to one hour.
  • We can work open-endedly, which means as long as you feel it's helpful, or in a more short-term, solution- focused approach within a set number of sessions. This is something we can talk more about at our initial meeting.
  • I offer a free initial 30 minute meeting, where we can discuss how counselling could work for you.
  • Cost per session is £70.00. Concessions available.